‘One Punch Man' Spoilers: Special One-Shot Reveals Saitama Was Immensely Strong Even Before Gaining His Powers

By Shor M. Rae , Apr 04, 2017 06:36 AM EDT

A special one-shot chapter of “One Punch Man” was just released. The said special chapter features the manga’s hero, Saitama in another untold adventure. It delves on many of Saitama’s undocumented monster kills.

Saitama Defeats A Dragon Level Disaster

The “One Punch Man” special chapter reveals more of Saitama’s work as a hero. In the said one-shot, Saitama is referred to as a B – Class Caped Baldy, who has remained unknown to the world of heroes as of the moment. Saitama routinely went to take care of a disaster level but somehow that day, one after another, various disaster levels are popping out of nowhere.

Heroes were tasked to respond to a disaster level that was presumed to be of Wolf level. The said villain, named Withered Sprout, was utterly small and acted weak when confronted by the Surly Brothers. However, they were defeated one by one with Withered Sprout’s surprise freeze attacks, indicating that he was hiding his true powers.

When it was disseminated that Withered Sprout is actually a Dragon level, Saitama is the first to respond. Withered Sprout thought Saitama looked weak and immediately landed a sneak attack on him, only to be shocked that Saitama effortlessly got out of his frozen state. Without further ado, Saitama disposed the Withered Sprout with just one hit, even splitting the latter into two.

Saitama’s Hidden Strength

Though Saitama defeated Withered Sprout, the Hero Association, as well as the Surly Brothers do not have any idea of who responded and took care of the Dragon level disaster. This displays another proof of Saitama being low key, purposely not documenting his feats. The defeat of Withered Sprout has alarmed the Hero Association because they explained that an unknown and low-ranked hero like Saitama will destroy the balance of the Pro Hero World.

In the “One Punch Man” Special, it was also revealed that Saitama when he was still a mere human civilian, was already strong enough to defeat villains and monsters of Tiger level, one that has to be dealt with by at least 5 B – Class heroes. Saitama defeated Crablante back when Saitama hasn’t reached his full potential yet. Saitama was able to surpass his limits when he encountered Crablante, making the latter as Saitama’s first monster kill in his life.

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