‘One Punch Man' Chapter 72, Chapter 73 Spoilers: Gouketsu The Monster; Can Suiryu Defeat Him And His Minions?

The latest manga chapters of “One Punch Man” has just been released and it heads towards a new story arc, which will introduce a lot of things. One of the new things to look forward to is the introduction of a new enemy that may pose a real threat to the hero, Saitama. The latest chapters though focuses on the imminent showdown between Suiryu and Gouketsu.

“One Punch Man” Chapter 72 introduces Gouketsu with a grand and fearful entrance. He presents himself to the rest of the fighters in the tournament and reveals his story. The fighters are surprised because Gouketsu was a famous martial artist who was the original king of the Super Fight and he actually died a few years ago after being defeated by a monster.

Gouketsu explains that he did lose the fight but the monster took him in and gave him the chance to become stronger. He was fed with a monster cell that led him to mutate into a huge powerful monster. With that idea, he hands out monster cells and tells that that they either become part of the Monster Association or die at his hands.

Many have succumbed to his devious offer, seduced by the monstrous power and strength that was just displayed before their eyes. Some went for the monster cells just so they can finally beat Saitama and avenge themselves the humiliation they went through losing to the One Punch Man. Amidst the chaos, Suiryu candidly asks the pretty girl he’s been pinning for that if he defeats the monster Gouketsu, she’ll go out on a date with him.

With a simple mindset, the strong Suiryu, who can also knock out opponents to oblivion in just one hit, challenges the stronger Gouketsu. Gouketsu has kicked off the A-Class heroes and even the other A-Class heroes have joined him, became monsters. This means Suiryu will have to go against not just Gouketsu but also the newly formed monsters' alliance in the stadium.

Fans are speculating that Suiryu will be able to defeat the new monster fighters in just one hit but he will be having difficulty with Gouketsu. “One Punch Man” Chapter 73 will clearly show off the fight between Suiryu and Gouketsu but the former might be defeated eventually after getting rid of the small fries. Then the missing Saitama will most likely return to the picture and defeat Gouketsu himself.

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