Experience Crysis' Nanosuit In GTA 5 With This Mod

One of the things players love about GTA 5 is the modding community. People here are just smart and creative, bringing tons of exciting stuff to the game. Speaking of which, there is now a mod that allows players to experience the thrill of wearing the famous Nanosuit from Crysis. And by the looks of it, it couldn't get any better.

According to PCGamer, GTA 5 players can now wear the aforementioned suit while walking down the streets of Los Santos. This is thanks to JulioNIB, who developed the Crysis scrip mod. Not only does it provide what players expect from it, it also comes with a little bit more of exciting features.

In its most organic form, the core of the GTA 5 mod is to offer the Nanosuit. By wearing it, players will gain an upgrade on speed, stealth, strength and armor -- all of which are options found in Crysis. Apart from these, the mod wittingly changes the game's Central HUD and introduces a weapon component customization menu. This, in particular, adds the ability to do a Super Jump.

For interested GTA 5 players, they can simply head over here to read more about the mod. While it's definitely a must try, players always have the option to peruse. After all, it is better to do so than make a rush to install it. A video (embedded below) of it has also been uploaded to YouTube to give players a heads up of what they are about to experience.

It is worth noting that the GTA 5 Crysis' Nanosuit mod is deemed a script mod. This means that scripts are being added (directly to the game) in order for things to work accordingly. Apart from making the mechanics work seamless, the script also uses elements from the game so as to increase the immersion of players. Hence, it is a good idea to give it a run through before installing.

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