Nintendo Switch Emulator Hoax, The Truth Behind The Scam

A new scam has been roaming around the web promising fans a Nintendo Switch emulator. The Nintendo Switch release is roughly a month ago and it is undeniable how scarce the stocks are. With that said, cyber criminals have found a new way to get to your personal details. Apparently, the new scam pries on the people who are looking to emulate the Nintendo Switch on their computers.

As per Symantec, there are already a number of websites who offer tools to emulate the Nintendo Switch. For the unaware, the software emulator in question would allow people to run console games on their PC without having the original console at hand. This means that people can actually play Nintendo Switch games even without a console, that is, of course, if the promise is not a scam. Unfortunately, things that are too good to be true are usually far from real.

As per Neowin, once users download a software from anywhere online, they will be prompted to fill out a form before they get their so-called unlock code. Nevertheless, in reality, the form that people fill up are all going to the affiliates whose only aim is to make money. Needless to say, the eager gamers will be left without an emulator. The worst case scenario for this is that their computers will also be infected with some sort of malware.

With that said, people are advised to avoid these kinds of offers, no matter how convincing they are. Do note that these supposed Nintendo Switch emulators are offered to both Windows and Mac systems, and both kinds are scams. One more thing that is worth noting is that no source is more reliable than the others. Even the YouTube tutorials are usually made by scammers and will eventually lead to users downloading fake softwares. If possible, people are advised to have a trusted threat-detecting software on their PCs so as to make sure that any malicious downloads will be blocked immediately.

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