Battlefield 1 DLC Update: More Details Arriving Today

It appears that fans of the World War I shooter Battlefield 1 would be receiving updates regarding its upcoming DLC. The big DLC reveal is scheduled today and it is expected to bring exciting information, as DICE confirmed. For those fans who have been patiently waiting for a reason to purchase the game's Season Pass might get something this coming reveal.

One fan shared this information on Battlefield 1's subreddit page, which hyped the fans about the upcoming new contents in the game. With the company being too general on what's coming for the game, details for the DLC released made the fans happy. .

Now that Battlefield is critically acclaimed, it is the best chance to release more in-game DLCs. Fans were already enjoying the game's multiplayer which features lots of modes and new weapons for players to use. Meanwhile, it is expected that the upcoming expansion packs should increase Battlefield's already high popularity.

Currently, the game only has one DLC available as of now - the They Shall Not Pass DLC, which added new weapon and clothing. There' a huge possibility of fans getting a release date for the Battlefield 1 upcoming expansion pack in this latest reveal. These updates might not always be a great one, however, it offers a variety of changes in the game.

Accordingly, these DLC packs took too time to be developed. However, they are worth the wait since all Battlefield games feature lots of re-playability. There are still few fans playing Battlefield 4 as to date, while it remains unclear whether the same goes for Hardline. It seems like more players will be playing Battlefield 1 for a while with these new upcoming game additions.

Battlefield 1 is now available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Furthermore, players can now purchase the game's premium pass now if they want to get their hands on the new expansions straightaway.


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