'Attack On Titan' Season 2 Will Only Have 12 Episodes; Here’s Why

The month of April has become a mixture of good and disappointing news for the fans of "Attack on Titan". Following several years of waiting, the franchise finally made a comeback when Wit Studio premiered "Attack on Titan" Season 2 last Saturday. However, what made its comeback a frustrating one is that the second installment will only have 12 episodes.

12 Episodes For 'Attack On Titan' Season 2, Why Is That?

According to Polygon, creators of the said anime have not disclosed the reason as to why the new season will only have 12 episodes. With that, a number of speculations have recently emerged. One theory came from Tomas Romain, a French animator who has worked in the industry for years on projects like "Code Lyoko" and "Space Dandies." In one of his statements, Romain says that the reason behind the 12-episode series is because of the overwhelming demand for the anime from Western countries and not enough people working in the industry.

Meanwhile, as per Comic Book, after the said revelation, a lot of anime fans have taken to the Internet to question Wit Studio's decision to order a 12-episode series. Apparently, it seems that the choice comes down to financial matters. Although the anime was gaining a worldwide popularity, it turns out that many audiences are watching shows through illicit venues, and studios aren't getting enough money to pay animators for extended projects.

As of press time, Wit Studio is yet to release their statements regarding the number of episodes. Furthermore, given that the anime's return has been previously given so much hype, Romain explains that the biggest issue was the lack of budget that studios were given to hire people in order to make the series. He said that it makes it incredibly difficult to make more than 12 good shows in such a small amount of time and a limited budget.


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