‘Sherlock' Season 5 Still Looks Bleak Despite Show's Stars Willingness To Return

There has not been any word yet whether or not “Sherlock” Season 5 is happening soon or maybe even, at all. Fans have united to voice out their gusto to air a new season of the said show. Amidst the uncertainty, the stars of the show, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman have revealed that they are willing to return for the next season.

'Sherlock' Season 5 Is Still Unconfirmed

It has not been that long since “Sherlock” Season 4 ended. It made its premiere on New Year’s Day along with a special and it ran three episodes until January 15. Since then, fans of the said BBC One show have been campaigning to air “Sherlock” Season 5 as soon as possible but there are still no reports whether or not it will happen anytime soon.

Countless fans have even rallied online with posts tagging #Bring221Back as they plead for “Sherlock” Season 5 to happen. There are speculations that the fifth season will be aired in 2018 but given how it took at least two years to work on a new season, that might seem impossible. In fact, it took BBC three years before they could finally release the latest season of the said show.

'Sherlock' Stars On Board With Season 5

Despite the fact that “Sherlock” Season 5 has yet to be confirmed, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman have already shared that they are willing to come back for the next season. Cumberbatch said that they loved working on the show and even pointed out that the show will return but it won’t happen with the same regularity, especially with the actors’ busy schedule. However, Freeman was not that positive and admitted that he honestly had no idea how long “Sherlock” will go on.

It has been revealed that in January 2014, showrunners Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss have already thought of the plot for “Sherlock” Season 5 but hasn’t decided on producing it yet. Even Cumberbatch was already reportedly signed to come back for the fifth season. The lingering doubts for a new season of “Sherlock” have gotten fans edgy and it didn’t help that Moffat himself said that even if they weren’t planning on ending the said series, there’s always the possibility that they just can end it. He also reiterated Cumberbatch's point that they still have to find a way to work it out with the actors' hectic schedule.

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