‘Prison Break' Season 5: Revived Show Kicks Off With Mixed Reactions From Fans

The highly anticipated revival of “Prison Break” has just kicked off with its first episode. However, the episode may have disappointed fans instead. Its premiere on television was met with mixed reactions.

'Prison Break' Returns On FOX With New Season

FOX has revived the said show and it was officially referred to as “Prison Break” Season 5. This is because it is a sequel to the original series, which ran for four seasons from August 2005 to May 2009. The season follows Michael Scofield, who is portrayed by actor Wentworth Miller, picking up some time after his supposed death. The creators of the show have somehow brewed up a story for the original characters to return, including Michael, who has been presumed dead for a while, leaving a family behind.

Apparently, Michael is not dead all this time but has been holed up in Yemen as revealed by T-Bag Bagwell, who is portrayed by Robert Knepper. Michael comes back from the dead and this is explained with a series of unexpected events that includes a prosthetic arm and an awry encounter with a well-known terrorist group. He finds himself back in prison and tries to reach out to the world to come and rescue him. Dominic Purcell reprises his role as Lincoln Burrows and this time, he'll be the one saving Michael.

'Prison Break' Season 5 Gets Mixed Reviews

However, the new season of “Prison Break” might have fallen short of what fans have anticipated especially after the network built up enough hype to get everyone excited. It seems like the network was trying too hard to bring back a show by conjuring stories that turned out to be sillier than expected. The first four seasons of the said show had its fill of outrageous ideas but they were fun.

“Prison Break” Season 5, however, took out the fun of it and just turned the whole show into a serious one that involves ridiculous plots. Some have pointed out that it is has grown quite offensive because of how the terrorist group was associated with modern stereotypes. Some have also said that the character development in the new season was put out too quick that viewers had to digest everything that has happened to all the characters in just one episode.

Nonetheless, the show still has gained some positive reviews most likely because it has always had a lot of viewers since back then. Several fans are watching it for the sake of curiosity and nostalgia. “Prison Break” Season 5 will only air nine episodes.

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