Here's How To Get Lonzo Ball In NBA 2K17

For anyone who has fallen in love with NBA 2K17, getting a new player is always a satisfying experience. After all, gamers will get to have the chance to play their favorite basketball players (even if it's only in a video game). This is where the likes of Lonzo Ball, a UCLA superstar, gets to enter. And how exactly can fans get hold of him in the game? Here's how.

First and foremost, it should be noted that NBA 2K17 players won't necessarily get the official version of Lonzo Ball. Of course, this is due to the fact that 2K Games plans to introduce him in the next installment -- NBA 2K18, that is. Fortunately, there is a way to have him play in the current game along with other potential stars such as Duke's Jayson Tatum and Washington's Markelle Fultz.

According to Mic, this is made possible thanks to NBA 2K17 draft class creator named EmbraceThePace. That's because he has -- once again -- made a very realistic draft lineup with exact, logical ratings. And take note: these are all based on the above-mentioned players' collegiate stats along with their respective weaknesses and strengths.

In order for this draft class to be incorporated in NBA 2K17, players will have to use or be on Sony's PlayStation 4. From there, they can simply download the class so as to utilize in the game's MyGM and MyLeague features. It can be done either on the start of the season or anytime during the campaign. As long as it's incorporated on either of the aforesaid features, this can be possible.

When prompted for a draft class in NBA 2K17, simply search the PSN ID: EmbraceThePace. Fortunately for Xbox One players, there are similar draft classes that can be used. Finding them is by way of searching NBA Draft 2017. Take note, however, that they are not necessarily as authentic as PlayStation 4's.

SOHH, on the other hand, reports that a new NBA 2K17 online tournament is on its way. This is all thanks to the titular West Coast rapper Game. He made the announcement via his official Instagram page last Wednesday, April 5. This has an open invitation to all Xbox One players.

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