Battlefield 1 News And Update: Major Changes Will Happen Soon On Devil's Anvil

It is undeniable that Battlefield 1 is one of the hottest games today. However, there are several issues that need to be addressed just like in Devil's Anvil. Apparently, DICE is doing the best it can in order to provide the patch for the problems.

DICE is planning to update one of the new Operations included in They Shall Not Pass DLC in Battlefield 1, Devil's Anvil. Players consider it as the most difficult mode they encountered in the game, which is why the developer promised to provide the balance players have been asking for.

Since they are having a hard time in pushing through the first stage of Devil's Anvil, DICE's solution is to give players the advantage of attacking their enemies especially at Verdun Heights, according to Segment Next. They need to at least pass on the stage in order to know if they can beat the mode.

Also, players are commenting that there are not enough covers where they can hide in Devil's Anvil. Hence, DICE will also change the design of Verdun Heights in order to help them survive at Verdun Heights. Other than those solutions, the developer will increase the ticket count by 350 that was previously 250.

As per VG247, the Howtzer gun will now respawn every five minutes just after passing on the first sector of Verdun Heights in Devil's Anvil. The defenders spawn area has been changed in order to give the attackers the advantage to run or to hide.

Players don't also have to worry since the spawn time for the attackers are now zero and it means that Elite class can increase their chances of winning in Devil's Anvil. If the players want to test the changes in Battlefield 1, they can join the CTE since it is already available there.

DICE might have gone overboard when it comes to level of difficulty in Battlefield 1 but it just wants to make the game more challenging. Hopefully, after the patch goes live, players can now enjoy Devil's Anvil mode fully.

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