Here's Why The Pokemon GO Easter Event Might Be Huge

Pokémon GO events are becoming essential to Niantic's augmented reality game. The events revive the game's strong player base and also help the developers to redeem Pokémon GO's lost popularity. As reported, each game event brings unique bonuses for players to enjoy. With Easter happening next week, fans are eager to know if Niantic will be hosting a special event.

Recently, Niantic hosted its first event that was not connected to any real life holida -- the Water Festival event. It brought a massive increase in spawn rate of all present Water-type Pokémon in the game.

For those who are uninitiated, Pokémon GO started as an April Fools' joke. As recalled, Google created a Pokémon Challenge with their Google Map prank back in 2014. It reveals a game, which allows players to track Pokémon on the map and heading to real world landmarks to catch them. It was a promising game back then, three years later, its existence becomes official.

However, it appeared that Niantic did not do much last April 1. It might be due to the Water Event just recently ended. As a result, players are a bit disappointed with the lack of activity and now hoping for good things to come next week, which is Easter. Unlike the Water Event, Easter Event is expected to be big similar to the previous Christmas and Halloween Events.

Apparently, there are many predictions regarding what will arrive in the upcoming Pokémon GO event. It features bonuses such as Half-Distance Eggs, Increased Spawn Rates, Free Incubator, Increased the drop rate of Lucky Eggs and even Shiny Pokémon.

During the Water Event, fans saw the reveal of the first Shiny variant in the game with the introduction of Golden Magikarp. Now, that Niantic would introduce another Shiny variant for the upcoming Easter Event. The report said that it is likely a Shiny version of the Egg Pokémon Exeggcute since Easter is widely known for its Egg Hunt.

Overall, these things remain unconfirmed until Niantic issues an official announcement if an Easter Event would really be happening soon. Fans are suggested to wait for Niantic's word that is expected to arrive later this week at the earliest.


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