‘One Punch Man' Chapter 112 Spoilers: Gouketsu Defeats Suiryu? Fans Anticipate Saitama's Comeback

By Shor M. Rae , Apr 07, 2017 06:00 AM EDT

The latest chapter of “One Punch Man” continues to tackle the showdown between Suiryu and the monster Gouketsu. However, it seems like things are not going well. With Suiryu in a pinch, fans are anticipating the main hero’s comeback anytime soon.

Gouketsu Too Strong For Suiryu?

The fight continues between Gouketsu and Suiryu. However, it seems like Suiryu isn’t faring well with the fight, realizing that the monster Gouketsu is clearly way out of his league. “One Punch Man” Chapter 112 opened with Suiryu lying on the floor, presumably unconscious after Gouketsu landed a devastating attack.

Fortunately, Suiryu was strong enough to withstand the attack but it took a huge toll on his body. He finds it difficult to land effective attacks on Gouketsu because nothing seems to be working. While Suiryu keeps on trying to evade the attacks, Gouketsu finally corners him and decides to feed him to the crows, who have lost their minds after eating the monster cells.

Allies Come To The Rescue

“One Punch Man” Chapter 112 further revealed just how strong Gouketsu is in his new form as a monster. It shows that even powerful attacks from A-Class heroes does no damage to him. He can even move around unbelievably fast despite his huge built.

Suiryu is cornered by the crows and because he is too weak to fight, he tries to run away. Just as he lost hope, Max and Sneck come to the rescue, even donning new and upgraded clothes just for the fight. Just as the said “One Punch Man” latest chapter ended, the three were able to attack the crows but it is uncertain what’ll happen next when Gouketsu is just right next to them.

Things are clearly getting more interesting especially with Suiryu being defenseless against Gouketsu. Fans are wondering just where Saitama is all this time and even speculated that Saitama is probably just nearby, watching the fight from a safe distance. Saitama has been missing for a while and fans are highly anticipating his return, most likely because they want to know how a fight between Gouketsu and Saitama will go down.

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