NBA Trade Rumors And Free Agency: Carmelo Anthony, Blake Griffin, Jimmy Butler And Paul George Might Wear Another Jersey

Exactly two more weeks and the NBA Playoffs is about to start. However, some All-Stars are already rumored to be included on the trading block. Regardless if it would be free agency or trade, this big names might be changing their zip code. Carmelo Anthony, Blake Griffin, Jimmy Butler and Paul George are the biggest target the NBA market has to offer right now.

Trade And Free Agency

Being traded to another team is actually normal to any given sports. It means that multiple teams are interested in the talent the players bring day in and day out, while for their current team, they feel like its time to move on. There were some blockbuster trades that happened during the NBA All-Star break. DeMarcus Cousins who is an absolute monster and the franchise player for Sacramento Kings got traded to New Orleans Pelicans forming the new Twin Towers with Anthony Davis. With the season about to end, multiple All-Stars are still not sure about their future.

Melo Out Of Big Apple? Blake Griffin On The Move

Carmelo Anthony is the face of the New York Knicks but even he cannot understand what is going on with their franchise. Melo questioned Phil Jackson’s decision making and posted on his social media account that the chips are already on the table for him to move out in the Big Apple. Blake Griffin is still one of the most versatile power forward the league has ever seen. However, Griffin has been plagued with multiple injuries and Clippers are willing to trade him.

Butler To Celtics? Paul George Still Frustrated

The Chicago Bulls go-to-guy Jimmy Butler who is currently having a career year is also rumored to be part of the trading block. This is not the first time that Butler is involved with these speculations. According to ESPN, Butler could be joining their rival Boston Celtics during the summer. Celtics fans are divided with Butler going to their team as they are already contented with their current lineup. Lastly, Paul George of Indiana Pacers. It is no secret that Paul George wants to be out of Indiana. George stated in an interview that some of his teammates don't have the passion or the urge to compete, some of them just want to play for the money.

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