Dota 2: EternalEnvy Kicks 1437 And SVG Following Disappointing DAC Run

The Dota 2 Asia Championship has just ended but it seems that the event is not the only thing that came to a close but rather, some of the players' contracts as well. This is the case of Theeban "1437" Siva and Avery "SVG" Silverman from team NP following their announcement that their captain, EternalEnvy, has officially kicked them out of the team.

NP's Run On Dota 2 Asia Championship

In DAC's group stage, Team NP created a stir on group B following their mighty resistance against fan-favorite Team Liquid. Many fans from Twitch weren't expecting the decisive tiebreaker match of the two which ultimately lead to Liquid's eventual downfall to the lower's bracket. With NP placing fourth on their seed, the team faced the fifth placer of the opposing team, Team VGJ.

In the lower's bracket of the main stage, team NP fought valiantly against VGJ but unfortunately, the former ran out of gas following a series of miscommunication and bad calls particularly in the last Roshan fight where it ultimately decided the outcome of the match. After the game, team NP's run on the DAC 2017 came to an end; landing on the ninth to 12th place alongside LGD.Forever Young, Wings Gaming, and Team Liquid.

1437's Announcement

Days after the Dota 2 Asia Championship, 1437 issued a statement regarding the state of team NP and how the two supports will be leaving the said organization. According to the player, EternalEnvy officially kicked them out of the team following their disappointing performance in the premiere tournament. He did not disclose any further details but he stated that both of their departures didn't end up in a "peaceful expert."

Meanwhile, 1437 announced that he will be making changes on his stream as he will be casting and making analysis for the upcoming Kiev Major. He also hinted that despite being teamless, he is currently looking for a new team for the upcoming TI7.

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