Overwatch LC-202 Error On Console: How To Fix It?

Recently, Overwatch players have noticed a network connection error that prevents them from logging into the game. The latest error occurs both on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version of the game. It was reported that they are stuck outside of the game, which was identified as the LC-202 error.

As per GameZone, there are several things causing the appearance of this error that includes network connectivity of the console. The report suggests that players should connect their console via a cable first and not wirelessly. If that does not fix the problem, they might check their connectivity through performing a basic connection test. It can be done via the settings of the console.

If the problem still exists, players might use Blizzard's looking glass tool. It is a great alternative for testing the connection to Blizzard servers. Meanwhile, look for ports open in the router if an issue about unable to reach the Blizzard servers are encountered. It is noted that this is the final option and that is different from each router. Thus, it is recommended to take more caution in performing these steps.

The report suggests to simply look for the router's model name along with the keywords "port forwarding" and follow the guide. Meanwhile, if the problem still occurs after performing all of these options, it is better to check the issue first. It might be a global issue regarding the Blizzard servers.

On other Overwatch news, it appears that game director Jeff Kaplan already has an idea of who's the next character arriving in the game. Several fans suspected that Doomfist might the 25th character. However, there are no deeper evidence leaked pointing to the reveal just yet. It is best to wait for more leaks about the possible arrival of this new Overwatch character.

Overwatch is now available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


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