'Dance Moms' Updates: Chloe Lukasiak And Ziegler Sisters Consider Returning With Abby Lee Miller Already Out Of The Picture?

"Dance Moms" alum Chloe Lukasiak finally gets the opportunity she wished for to return on the popular Lifetime series. With Abby Lee Miller already out of the picture, will the Kids' Choice awardee continue her dance career through a yet theoretical season 8? Furthermore, the Ziegler sisters are also speculated to make their comeback after years of disconnecting with the T.V. show.

It can be recalled that Chloe Lukasiak shared a mean thought with mom Christi on how she can return on "Dance Moms." She was then reflecting on Abby Lee Miller's possible imprisonment as her ticket to the show since she did not have a good relationship with the former host. Mom and daughter duo Christi and Chloe left "Dance Moms" in season 4 and dropped a bombshell when they appeared in front of the ALDC team at the end of season 7.

Spoilers for "Dance Moms" season 7B then revealed that Chloe was pitted against the Junior Elites in some dance competitions as she reportedly joined the Murrieta Dance Project. However, in a crazy turn of events, Chloe Lukasiak is now reunited with her former teen dance team at the Count 8 Dance Academy with Cheryl Burke as their new coach.

While Abby Lee Miller's flee from her Lifetime series became favorable for Chloe Lukasiak, it is not yet sure whether her luck will be cut short or will continue with another installment. Lifetime is yet to decide on the future of the show and rumors have it that even if the Cheryl-Burke coached season will get good ratings, "Dance Moms" might not return for another season. A second speculation is that Lifetime might grant the condition of Abby Lee Miller of making changes to assure her comeback.

It might be unlikely though for the coach to do season 8 with "Dance Moms" as she and her Minis dancers are reportedly doing a new show on another network. Also, the upcoming sentencing of Abby Lee Miller should be taken into account where her possible imprisonment will define her T.V. career.

Apart from Chloe Lukasiak, fans are curious to know if the Ziegler sisters are also considering to relive their "Dance Moms" days. Maddie Ziegler has been a fan favorite and Abby Lee Miller has been rooting for her since she joined her team. However, Maddie's previous comments about her time with "Dance Moms" sparked a feud with her former teacher. With Miller resigning, fans theorize that Maddie and Mackenzie might soon be tapped to help save the show.

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