Overwatch Easter Event Isn't Happening, Blizzard Confirms

Among the many things fans love about Overwatch are the events. They are packed with new skins and emotes, giving the experience a new kind of thrill. One of these that players were hoping to see is the Easter event. Unfortunately, this is not happening -- like at all.

According to PVPLive, Blizzard has already shed some light on the rumors circling the Overwatch Easter event. Sadly for the fans of the game, the studio has confirmed that this won't be happening. The video game company iterates that for this year, this event is not something they have really planned. "But we wish all of you who celebrate a great holiday," the studio says.

The aforementioned Overwatch event isn't the first one not to happen. Last February, players were also expecting the studio to introduce an event themed for the month of love. Alas, the day came but no shadow of it happened. The same can be ferreted out of Easter. The confirmation was made official by the game's very own director Jeff Kaplan on the game's forum site.

Nonetheless, this is not something that should disappoint fans. It's like no new content or event can be expected soon. Kaplan iterated in the past that they have huge plans for the spring season. That during this time, Legendary skins will be introduced to both McCree and Widowmaker and since spring basically exists between now and sometime in early June, players can expect this event to commence anytime.

Of course, there is no concrete idea or knowledge as to what this spring event will be in Overwatch. Sure, Kaplan might have revealed something about it; however, the whole gist remains uncertain. There could be more skins other than the ones mentioned above. Or perhaps, the studio will resort to adding a new set of Arcade games. This, among others, are worth looking forward to.

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