Blizzard Teases New Overwatch Event, Tracer Skin

It seems like things are once again starting to be a little bit interesting in Overwatch. Not only will fans get to see a new lore, but they will also be seeing a new skin for a specific hero. This is definitely worth looking forward to, most especially when a possible event is just around the corner.

According to PVP Live, Blizzard has just released a content preview for Overwatch on its official Facebook page. It teases the forthcoming King's Row Uprising, which is confirmed to be unveiled on the game's Mission Archives this April 12. It may mean a possible skin for Tracer along with the declassification of a lore concerning the King's Row map.

Apparently though, the video the studio posted has already been deleted. It went live for about an hour or so, but was quickly removed for unknown reasons. The publication nonetheless was able to capture most of it in a GIF, which can be accessed here. Based on that, there appears to be a total of four background screens. First, there is as mandatory Robot Registration with a QR code on it. Second, there's a picture that somehow depicts an Omnic company or corporation. Third, a screen that shows a possible Overwatch Tracer skin. Lastly, a security camera footage, which features a subway system, can be seen.

PCGamesN, on the other hand, reports that official Overwatch Twitter account for both New Zealand and Australia have put out a teaser for April 12. This is the very same teaser that was soon taken down in Facebook. Obviously, fans can't help but speculate what the possibilities are. One popular theory is that it refers to a forthcoming event, which will be loosely based on the machine race of the game's lore called Omnics.

This might be Blizzard's way of introducing the entirety of the King's Row map in Overwatch. Or at least, they want the community to know and understand the story behind the location. It is also safe to assume that the studio may go down into releasing an animated short.

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