‘General Hospital' Spoilers: Claudette Locked Up In Valentin's Secret Prison? Kirsten Storms To Return?

Updates on the longest-running American soap opera drama, “General Hospital” are out and it seems like some of the beloved characters are actually alive. Meanwhile, Kirsten Storms has emerged from her hiatus with fans wondering if she’ll be returning to the said show.

Valentin’s Secret Plans; Nikolas and Claudette Are Alive?

The spoilers for the next episodes of “General Hospital” tease Valentin Cassadine’s secret plans. Claudette Beaulieu and Nikolas Cassadine have been presumed dead for some time and it seems like they are actually alive but probably not well. There are hints that the two might actually be held captive in Cassadine Island by no other than Valentin.

There have been holes in the story so far regarding the supposed deaths of Claudette and Nikolas such as their missing corpses and even feasible reasons of why they even died in the first place. It was put out that Claudette would not dare to commit suicide because she is devoted to her faith, which forbids the act of taking one’s life. Another clue in "General Hospital" that points to Claudette and Nikolas’s captivity is Valentin reassuring Nina Cassadine that he will cover his tracks meticulously and will not leave any trace behind, meaning a dead body is clearly out of the equation.

Kirsten Storms Finally Says Hi; Will She Return?

American actress Kirsten Storms have finally returned to social media, revealing her present state. She took another medical leave of one year from “General Hospital” just last year because she had skin problems that were caused by stress. However, based on her recent post, it seems like she has finally recovered and might even be ready to return to the show anytime soon.

Storms plays the role of Maxie Jones on “General Hospital” and the spin-off series, “General Hospital: Night Shift”. However, even with her leave of absence, her character was not replaced by another actress this time. Instead, the show has opted with the plot that Maxie went out of town to take on another job to fit the story of the show.

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