Plus Size No More! How Did Mama June Achieve Her Size 4 Figure? Details Inside

For some people, to achieve a dramatic transformation such as losing weight could seemingly be impossible especially when given a short span of time. Then here comes June Shannon, better known as Mama June, who has purportedly documented her weight loss journey on her hit WE TV show, "Mama June: From Not to Hot." That said, what makes her efforts to slip into a size four dress to be so inspiring is that knowing it's been nothing short of a wild ride, defying the odds successfully.

Mama June's Journey To Weight Loss

According to E! News, the mother to the endlessly entertaining Honey Boo Boo has allegedly gone from weighing 460 pounds to 160 pounds after a series of weight loss programs and cosmetic surgeries. With that, despite her typical ways through her journey to weight loss, it was found that there are several reasons why the world couldn't seem to get over with the 37-year-old's amazing transformation. Some say that probably because she has inspired viewers to see someone who isn't ashamed to indulge in one of their favorite guilty pleasures but has really worked hard to get the ultimate revenge body.

Meanwhile, as per Women's Health Mag, Mama June reveals that she had already cut out soda by the time she decided to undergo her weight-loss journey. Furthermore, after she got into a car accident, her trainer, Kenya Crooks said that she has then given up her usual three to four Mountain Dew Code Reds a day. Given that June is a true soda lover, Crooks explained that what they did is to try a fruit-infused water.

Additionally, for those with a sweet tooth, Crooks suggests that it's also a good idea to swap watermelon for less healthy treats to help satisfy cravings. Ultimately, Mama June has been proud of her weight loss journey and she's been posting photos on social media of her slimmed-down body.

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