'One Piece' Chapter 862 Yet To Air This Week; Manga Readers Already Lost Interest Due To The Lengthy Story?

"One Piece" remains to be one of the most popular animes despite the reports that many readers already lost interest in reading the manga. The Japanese novel is already on its 862nd episode which is yet to be released after a week break.

A lot of fans are waiting to see how the Straw Hat and the Fire Tank Pirates will carry out their plan to assassinate Big Mom. The next chapter of "One Piece" though which should see Sanji and Pudding's wedding commencing was not released this weekend. The manga took a little break and "One Piece" chapter 862 is set to come out this Sunday.

In the new chapter of "One Piece," Luffy and the crew are expected to crash the wedding of Sanji and Pudding and start their plan on defeating Big Mom. An enthusiast predicts the pirates to enter the event through Bege's compartment in his body. Cesar Clown is said to lead the entry of the crew through a mirror.

However, fan theories point out on how the crew will fall down as Sanji is expected to fall in love with Pudding for real. The sweet words of Big Mom's daughter are believed to change Sanji's mind and forget about his involvement in the assassination plan. It is also speculated that the crew will face difficulties in their escape as one of their members is said to betray them.

The manga is attracting many readers, but in a shocking report, it is discovered that there is a fraction of "One Piece's" fandom that already stopped reading the story. According to a poll that rolled out from December 2016 to January 2017, over 15% of the respondents said they quit reading the manga where some of them said that the manga is already too long that they no longer find the story interesting.

"One Piece" was released in 1997 and 84 volumes were already released since then. The manga is already heading to its 862nd chapter while the anime is a bit behind with only 781 episodes already aired. Eiichiro Oda is said to end his creation soon which according to him only has a remaining 20% of the story left to be inked. It was however rumored that Oda is creating a spinoff of "One Piece" which is reportedly why he is already ending the original story.

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