'One Piece' Chapter 860 Spoilers: Big Mom Assassination Still Underway; Luffy's Strategy Results To Failed Mission?

"One Piece" chapter 860 is likely to feature the odd team up between Luffy and Capone Bege to bring down Charlotte Linlin "Big Mom." The duo previously settled their differences and their plans to assassinate Big Mom were laid down in "One Piece" chapter 859. The following scenes are reportedly tackling the duo's main attack, but many avid followers of the manga agree that they might encounter a problem that will could result in a failed mission.

Readers of "One Piece" are discussing over Reddit about the possibilities that Luffy and Capone will fail in their plan to take down Big Mom. Several theories were shared looking at different angles on how the assassination plan will play out.

The first group of fans assume that Charlotte Brulee's loyalty to her mom will be Luffy and Bege's biggest problem in carrying out their assassination scheme. It is suggested that Brulee will spill the plan to Big Mom which will give Linlin the chance to prepare to strike back. It is then forecasted that the duo will lose in their attempt and will face serious repercussions. However, it is questioned how Brulee will reach Big Mom before Luffy and Bege come to the infamous leader.

Another group of fans though assume that the plan will be carried out perfectly. However, the Straw Hat Pirates and Big Tank Pirates members might face lethal challenges as it is suggested that Big Mom has an idea about the attack and already prepared an army to fight the alliance. It has been revealed in the previous chapter of "One Piece" that Capone Bege needs a five-second window to launch rockets from the KX launcher. This short wait though is said to give Big Mom the chance to retaliate, given that she has a big army protecting her castle.

A third theory suggests that the plan will not go as is as Monkey D. Luffy is not good at following instructions. It is pictured that the Straw Hat Pirate will lose focus on the agreed plan, but will later come up with an improvised strategy that will finally take down Big Mom.

A final theory on the upcoming "One Piece" chapter 860 involves the Mother Caramel photograph. Apparently, Bege learned that the photo is Big Mom's weakness and shared the information to Luffy in the previous chapter. It is then speculated that the image refers to Big Mom's missing benefactor and damaging the photo might inflict physical pain on the Yonko. Fans then might see Luffy and Bege capitalizing on the idea once their initial plan fails.

All of these remain to be mere speculations as confirmations are very slow to come by. "One Piece" chapter 860 will be released later this week and the manga is reportedly going on a break after the said episode.

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