Resident Evil 7: The Dummy Finger Puzzle Is Not Worth The Hassle

The Resident Evil 7 dummy finger puzzle had stumped players even before the game began. However, it seems like the reward is not worth all the hassle. Meanwhile, the antagonist, Jack Baker, took some inspiration from The Shining.

Dummy Finger Puzzle Solution And Reward

The RE7 demo gave fans a good sample of the game before its highly awaited release. The short teaser let players roam around a house while solving puzzles and even fighting an enemy before the protagonist would either escape with his life or die just before reaching the door. However, while all puzzles were solvable, there was a certain one that had many players stumped.

The dummy finger became infamous as its puzzle spanned across all the demos Capcom released for the game. Polygon shared that one user was able to finally find a solution by following a strict 34 step-by-step guide. Upon solving the riddle, the game will reward fans with a "Dirty Coin" that can be transferred over to the main game.

The coin itself can be found within the game and is used to unlock something for more items. With this in mind, the hassle of having to follow some strange steps does not seem to be worth it for just a single coin.

Resident Evil 7 Inspiration From Stephen King

That aside, Capcom has been vocal about its inspirations for the game, as per GameRant. In fact, the developer drew in a lot of ideas from Stephen King's works, especially for Jack Baker. The antagonist was originally meant to play out like a simple killer but the developer decided to give him a backstory to flesh out his character. Scenario director Morimasa Sato decided to take some ideas from Jack Torrance who lost his sanity in King's novel, The Shining.

Players can still try to attempt the dummy finger puzzle to earn that dirty coin before playing the main game. Resident Evil 7 is now available to play on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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