Pokemon GO Coop Raids As Legendary Events? Details Here

Recently, it was reported that Pokémon GO will add a cooperative raid feature that would bring new gameplay experience to the game. As noted, it appears that the situation is identical to what has been shown back in the introduction trailer of Pokémon GO last year. The video footage shows players gathering in one place to capture the Legendary Pokémon Mewtwo.

According to Forbes, some players have been wondering if the event will ever happen to the game. Apparently, Niantic confirmed that Legendary Pokémon will finally arrive at the game this year. That means, the developer already has a plan for this type of event but it seems like they are still finding some ways on how to introduce them to the public.

With the current rumors regarding the upcoming cooperative gameplay feature in Pokémon GO, some players suspect that these coop raids are the Legendary Event themselves. This Legendary Event would bring the most-anticipated Legendary Pokémon to the game. It was predicted that this mythical Pokémon would spawn globally in a particular area. However, Niantic does not have an algorithm that would enable players to catch a single Pokémon instantaneously.

Some say that the company might have been working on a brand new mechanic to address this type of events, which would bring the Times Square Mewtwo into the possibility. These upcoming cooperative raids will most likely rose to popularity when it will arrive in the near future.

As of now, the details about this future coop raid content remain unclear. It might arrive alongside Legendary Events or perhaps, as a whole system. Nonetheless, it is interesting enough to get a glimpse of Pokémon GO's future throughout the year. On the other hand, Niantic has not yet teased the three major updates coming to the game.

These future updates might be connected to the Legendary Event but it could also be for other things such as Trading and PvP battles.


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