New Ark: Survival Evolved Underwater Structures, Dinos To Arrive Later This Month

Following its release, Ark: Survival Evolved didn't immediately get the attention it deserved. Most, if not all, gamers were skeptical about its success in the industry. Apparently though, after a couple of updates right then and there, it became one of the most interesting titles of recent memory. And yes, there's no stopping Studio Wildcard from doing so. In fact, they plan to release a new set of structures -- the ones that are placed beneath the water.

According to Express, rumors about a new Ark: Survival Evolved update have finally been put to rest. That's because Studio Wildcard has already confirmed its existence later this month. This is expected to bring some interesting things, one of which are new underwater bases. This is believed to be a move to gradually bring the title to its completion.

The forthcoming update is said to arrive first to the PC version of Ark: Survival Evolved. After which, the console versions (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One) will eventually acquire it. It's scheduled for a release come April 24, though there are talks about an early launching. As of this writing, however, Studio Wildcard has yet to announce a change in the date.

The new Ark: Survival Evolved underwater structures are just among the few stuff coming to the game. That's because there will also be new creatures -- a total of four, so to speak. A massive expansion is also set to arrive to the TEK Tier system. Moreover, a new endgame gear is planned, so as to give players the ability to build specialized equipment and/or gears.

Droid Report, on the other hand, reports about the tweaks Studio Wildcard did to Ark: Survival Evolved. It's worth noting that the previous update introduced the controversial flyer nerf. This became a huge disappointment within the community, with players clamoring that the studio must do something about it. And yes, this is exactly what the video game company did via the new update.

Ark: Survival Evolved v256.3 was developed to bring a good number of tweaks. Most of these, in one way or another, were focused on bringing significant adjustments. For instance, the stamina of airborne dinosaurs were improved. Add to this a beautiful modification the developers did on the game's UI.

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