‘Attack On Titan' Spoilers: Sasha Goes Home; New Chapter Reveals Reiner's Demise And Upgraded Titan In Marley

The latest chapter of “Attack On Titan” manga is out. It tells the second part of the story that features Marley, revealing more of the titan shifters. “Attack On Titan” Season 2 Episode 2 will also be airing this weekend that will focus on Sasha’s backstory and the ongoing attack on Wall Rose.

Marley Wins War Against Middle Eastern Union

“Attack On Titan” Chapter 92 has just been released and it continues the manga’s two-part special story that focuses on Marley. As revealed in the previous chapter, years has passed since the Survey Corps were able to take back Wall Maria. During those years, Marley went to war with the Middle Eastern Union after it was made known that Marley’s forces of titan shifters have dwindled.

In “Attack On Titan” Chapter 92, it revealed the ninth titan shifter named Jaws, who is possessed by Galliard, is a formidable war titan that has hard skin. The Cartman Titan, who is known as Pieck, has reappeared in this chapter, donning new armor and even carrying weapons on his back, enabling them to fight off the Union’s troops. Reiner Braun finally returns to the scene but it is clear that he has grown older.

Along with Zeke, who is the Beast Titan, they ambushed the enemy from above and bombarded them with mindless titans. Reiner had to transform into the Armored Titan, however, the enemy’s anti-Titan ammunition was also effective against him, penetrating his armored skin, and devastatingly damaging him. “Attack On Titan” Chapter 92 ended with Zeke winning the war for Marley by hurling the anti-titan rounds at the enemy’s naval fleet while Reiner collapses, signaling that he has reached his limit and that Marley has to choose a new Eldian vessel for the Armored Titan.

Sasha's Roots Revealed As Titans Attack Wall Rose

The anime adaptation of “Attack on Titan”, otherwise known as “Shingeki no Kyojin” kicked off last week. It picked up where the first season ended, revealing Wall Rose has been breached by titans and the mysterious Beast Titan. In the preview of "Attack On Titan" Season 2 Episode 2, the Survey Corps have been forced to check on all nearby villages even though some of them were lacking their vertical maneuver equipment.

In "Attack On Titan" Season 2 Episode 2, the new batch of Survey Corps have divided to cover more land faster and Sasha Blouse decided to head towards her hometown in the mountains, Dauper Village, to save her father and the rest of the village. She arrives at the village, realizing that it has already been vacated, and finds a titan eating a woman as a helpless child watches. She succeeded in saving the child after confronting her fears and the mindless titan by shooting an arrow towards its eye. She then reunites with the child and her father, who are both safe.

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