More Overwatch Players Now Use Winston Following Buff

Overwatch has a roster of very interesting heroes, with each having unique skill sets and characteristics. Among these is no other than Winston, a talking ape who turns into a gigantic guy thanks to its Primal Rage. However, with the existence of other tank heroes -- such are Reinhardt and Zarya -- players barely use him. Interestingly, following the buffs Blizzard did, the ape scientist has now become among the top picks in the game.

According to PVP Live, the aforementioned Overwatch hero has surged in player usability for the reason mentioned above. The studio released a new update, which introduced a couple of tweaks to the said hero. For instance, his barrier's uptime has been increased by 35 percent. As a result, he can now tank or shield incoming damages better than before.

Console Overwatch players are also reported to pick Winston more likely now. While this is true -- as well as on the PC -- the throne is still owned by Reinhardt, with Zarya and D.Va being next on the list. Winston's popularity now can be likened to Lucio's usage surge in the PC, though console players barely use the said healer.

However, with Winston's rise in Overwatch, some popular heroes have also decreased in player usability. Among them are Mercy and Ana. The former experienced a significant usage swelling while the latter substantially decline (with reasons referring to the nerf made to her rifle). Bastion, on the other hand, is also part of the list. After receiving a nerf, players using him are less compared in the past.

In related Overwatch news, a new set of skins has reportedly been leaked ahead of the game's forthcoming event. Polygon reports that the leaked image was acquired from the Xbox Live Marketplace. It features the upcoming skins, though applicable to a couple of heroes only.

Overwatch players believe that this is Blizzard's way of teasing the community about the new event. The studio already iterated in the last few days that a major change will happen in the game today. The event, in particular, is deemed to be connected to the King's Row Uprising. It's worth noting that the video game company also released a new comic about the latter.

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