Abby Lee Miller Swears To Dish The Dirt On 'Dance Moms;' ALDC Coach Asks Fans To Join Her Trash The Lifetime Show

Abby Lee Miller is about to throw the biggest shade on her former reality show, "Dance Moms," as she gathers her fans to watch her "Dish the Dirt" on the Lifetime series. The coach is supposed to recount all the reasons she left "Dance Moms" and it seems like a lot of fans are still interested in supporting Miller on her shows.

Fans of "Dance Moms" happened to discover the shocking reasons on why Abby Lee Miller left her Lifetime show. However, it seems that the 50-year-old dance expert is not yet done dropping the dirt of her former show's producers as she just came up with a tell-all event that she titled, "Dish the Dirt on Dance Moms with Abby Lee." The program will be held in New Jersey on April 14 with three-time schedules available and Miller is calling out on her fans to spend a couple of dollars to hear her story.

Miller announced the event on her Instagram account where she captioned the ad photo with: "Dish the Dirt on Dance Moms with me! I'll be at the Saddle Brook Marriott hosting an insightful look at the making of Dance Moms & all the reasons I left!" Miller's fans are then expecting a more explosive off-the-cam revelation about the show that she hosted for seven seasons.

Abby Lee Miller left her post as a dance coach on "Dance Moms" last March. She posted an angry parting message where she revealed how she feels used and abused by the show's producers. After which she appeared on a series of interviews to elaborate her post. She also commented on how Lifetime was quick to get a filler for her role through "DWTS'" Cheryl Burke.

While waiting for her final sentencing on May 8, Miller said that she is trying to keep herself busy to avoid losing her sanity over the thought of going to prison. She has then initiated several dance classes on her studio along with tours and talks as her new dance show is yet to be developed.

The ALDC coach once announced her plan to do a new show which remained to be a question mark to many fans. Sari Lopez though has shared a worthy spoiler revealing that Miller will be working with the Minis for the show. Just recently, the guru might have given another hint on which company will handle her new show. Abby Lee Miller teased on her Instagram that she has been meeting up with Propagate executives but it is not yet clear which network will the company be taking the show to.

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