Dota 2 Patch 7.05 May Have Just Changed The Meta For Kiev Major

The Kiev Major is barely a week away but it seems that Valve may have just stirred the entire meta for the upcoming premiere tournament following its release of patch 7.05. Check out all the subtle changes, which may affect the strategy of most teams participating on the event.

Dota 2 Patch 7.05 : Major Changes

Following the conclusion of the recent premier tournament, Dota Asia Championship 2017, it was expected that Valve would drop the last balance update prior to the Kiev Major but to the majority's surprise, the company had added subtle yet nifty changes into the game that will undoubtedly shake the current meta. Here are one of the biggest changes thus far:

Treant Protector Added In Captains Mode

In Patch 7.04, Treant Protector is among the top most-picked heroes in pubs, which basically tell the hero's overall impact in the game. With its addition to the draft table, it would not come to a surprise that teams will start strategizing compositions based on the hero. The problem, however, is that all teams have barely a week to prepare for the event - which may cause a disruption to some. With this change, it is undeniably certain that all team's adaptability will be put to the test. But it's also worth noting that Treant received a nerf following its addition to the Captains Mode.

Nature's Prophet

One of the most popular split-pushers in the game, Nature's Prophet has been considerably buffed in the new update. Many players from Reddit pointed out that he's pretty much a good contender for the mid lane in this patch: given how strong his base damage currently. Furthermore, it's worth noting that all Towers' base armor has been reduced which makes split pushing a lot easier than before. Lastly, the change in intelligence-to-damage ratio makes minor yet hefty addition to NP's arsenal overall (AdmiralBulldog will be proud).

Aside from these changes, there are also minor tweaks that can be impactful in the overall game. One of this is the rescaling of the XP required to reach level 25 starting from level 20. This change would ultimately make full use of the game's numerous talent trees.

But the real question is, how will each team adapt to these changes? Check back for more Dota 2 news and updates!

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