‘General Hospital' Actor Peter Hansen Passes Away At 95; New Spoilers Hint Helena Cassadine Is Alive?

It has just been reported that one of the beloved actors in the longest running soap opera drama, “General Hospital” has just passed away. In other news, spoilers for the said television medical drama has revealed that there are hints raised that one character is actually still alive.

Actor Peter Hansen Dies At 95

“General Hospital” is a television medical drama series that made its debut on ABC in April 1963 and has spawned at least 13,000 episodes. One of its pioneer characters was Lee Baldwin, a lawyer and recovering alcoholic who is known as Scott Baldwin’s adoptive father. The late Peter Hansen played the role of Lee after he inherited it from Ross Elliot in 1965 and the said character has been in the drama until 2004.

Peter Hansen reportedly passed away just this April 9 at his home in Santa Clarita, California. He reportedly died from natural causes at the age of 95 years old. Hansen started his career as an actor in 1934 and has appeared in hundreds of countless movies and television series including “When Worlds Collide” and “Ben Jerrod”, which was an iconic series for being the first American show that aired regularly in color.

Is Helena Cassadine Still Alive?

New spoilers for “General Hospital” has been released, revealing more of what will happen until next month. It seems like the show is building up to a bombshell that nobody expected and that is Helena Cassidine being alive all this time. This speculation was brought up when young Jake Webber has been seeing Helena as a witch and even expressed that he was worried for Sam and Scout who he thought were also afflicted with Helena’s curse.

Apparently, last year in "General Hospital", Helena let out a curse just before she died. It’s intriguing how Jake knows about the curse when he was able to get away from Cassadine Island before Helena reportedly died. Helena being alive all this time would explain this and that would mean Jake might have been keeping in touch with her, with some saying that he has probably even brainwashed to become her minion.

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