‘Riverdale’ Chapter 10 Spoilers: Veronica Challenges Cheryl To A Dance-Off; Another Character To Be Murdered?

A new video clip has recently been released showing some "Riverdale" Chapter 10 spoilers that will excite its avid fans. The clip seems to show that there is a brewing battle between Cheryl (Madelaine Petsch) and Veronica (Camila Mendes). In addition, a couple of cast members seem to imply that another murder is going to be committed to the show. Who is going to be killed?

Veronica And Cheryl Try To 'Outdance' Each Other

The recent video clip of "Riverdale" Chapter 10 shows Cheryl and Veronica trying to outdo is each other on the dance floor. First to show her dancing prowess is Veronica, who performed just like a professional cheerleader. Not willing to be outdone, Cheryl then takes the floor and shows her unique dancing style as well.

Initially, the other cheerleaders watching the dance-off in "Riverdale" Chapter 10 video clip were anxious about the seemingly growing competition between Veronica and Cheryl. Perhaps this is the reason why the spoilers suggest there's a battle going on between the two. But when the two got together in sync with their dance steps, the rest of the cheerleaders seem to see the beauty and logic of it all.

Another Character Will Be Killed?

In a related note, there seem to be some spoilers of "Riverdale" Chapter 10 that are coming from its cast members. Faithful viewers of the show are still in the dark as to who killed Jason Blossom. And now, another murder seems to be in the minds of the showrunners.

Recently, Luke Perry who plays Fred in "Riverdale" Chapter 10 and KJ Apa who plays Archie gave some intriguing spoilers about what will happen. They teased that Jason will not be the last person to be killed off in the show. However, they didn't reveal the identity of the character that will bite the dust in the upcoming episodes.

It Seems The Character Deserves It

Perry even mentioned that although it will be too soon for this character, he still deserves it. Fans will be at the edges of their seats guessing the identity of this character. "Riverdale" Chapter 10 will air next Thursday, at 9:00 p.m. on The CW. Watch the teaser below and see the dance- off between Veronica and Cheryl.

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