Persona 5 Guide: How To Solve The Painting Puzzles On The Way To Madarame's Heart

The Madarame Palace is filled with striking but easy puzzles up until a certain point of the palace where players are usually having a hard time figuring out. The painting puzzles in Persona 5 can be quite a challenge to figure out. Here are a few tips and tricks, and walkthrough to the painting puzzles in Persona 5.

Persona 5 Painting Puzzles

On their way to Madarame's heart, the characters of Persona 5 need to solve a few challenging puzzles before they can traverse further. There's a challenging one in the middle of the playthrough involving a painting puzzle that depicts an image of camels. All players need to do is to jump right into the picture, move right and they will emerge at the painting next to it.

The next painting beside the camel in Persona 5 is a painting of Mt. Fuji with a red Japanese archway. To get to the next painting, the players need to enter through the archway where they will emerge in a beautiful cave. Jump on top of the rock formation to end up on an orange painting, and then head right then everyone can jump out.

The area can be thoroughly explored by jumping out of the cave painting and pressing the button situated on the platform. A boat painting will appear and this can be reached by heading to the far right of the Mt. Fuji painting. Choose the first answer when Morgana asks a question and the team will be knocked onto the floor where they will fight a couple of guards for a bit of experience.

Persona 5 Who Is The Real Sayuri

The next challenging puzzle players come across is choosing the real "Sayuri." They will be asked to identify which painting is the real "Sayuri" in Persona 5. According to GameSpot, guessing is great if the player wants more EXP but not if they want to progress. Every other Sayuri painting in Persona 5 is fake unless the painting has all of these three; the woman is wearing red, she has her hair draped over her shoulder and there's a tree branch behind her.

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