This Map Could Be Perfect For Ubisoft's For Honor

It's true that For Honor from Ubisoft quickly captured the hearts of many. However, in just a couple of days following its official launch, its momentum gradually plummeted. Players faced a good number of bugs while other simply complained about the studio's incompetency in releasing updates. Nonetheless, it's a good thing that the game still has a significant following.

In a recent Reddit post from user Eddalot, he shared a picture of what might be an interesting map for For Honor. Apparently, what the player posted is actually the concept art of High Fort. This is also what the other users on the social media sites mentioned, confirming its name.

Among the exciting things about this For Honor map is the landscape or the geographical built it offers. There are narrow stairs, which, in one way or another, offers strong elevation. Add to this the "no safety" rails, which could be perfect for adding more dangers in fighting. Others are even joking that this map is well-suited for Lawbringers.

Most players believe that Ubisoft might someday add the aforementioned map (taken from the campaign) to the list of multiplayer maps in the game. That these kinds of maps should be experienced by players even if they're just segments of the entire campaign world map. Well, unless the studio says so, this will only be an interesting idea to ponder.

In related For Honor news, ShackNews reports that For Honor is among the games heavily discounted for the current Xbox Spring Sale. For players who have yet to acquire this title, this is probably the best deal they will ever have. That's because the discounts can go as high as 67 percent off, something that's really a great steal for an AAA title.

Apart from For Honor, among the list of discounted games includes the likes of Battlefield 1, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Titanfall 2. Blizzard's hit MOBA Overwatch is also part of it. The aforesaid sale is said to run until April 17. For Gold members, they can get an additional 10 percent. For interested non-Gold members, they can sign with the Gold program for only $1 (limited time only).

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