Ubisoft Focused On Fixing For Honor, Releases Another Update

Just a couple of days ago, Ubisoft released a patch to For Honor in order to fix a good number of bugs. And now, they're on the roll again as a new update has been introduced. It's called patch 1.05, which has already landed on the PC platform. The consoles, on the other hand, are also expected to receive it.

According to PCGamer, there are plenty of alterations the developers did to the PC version of For Honor. One of the reasons is to significantly reduce the game's tendency to minimize to the wrong monitor. A fix has also been introduced on the freeze that players get to experience whenever they try to exit to world map.

It's worth noting that the aforementioned For Honor update is currently available on PC only. However, it's expected to arrive on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at more or less a week from its launching recently. Ubisoft didn't give out a specific date, though.

The patch 1.05 for the game is deemed to be a performance update, as it's merely composed of bug fixes and upgrades. Among the notable issues in the game are the Attack and Defense stats. With the fix the developers did, the stats will no longer apply when applied on the Revenge mode. From now on, only the Revenge Attack and Revenge Defense will apply accordingly.

A few of the game modes in For Honor have also received some tweaks. For instance, Boosts will no longer appear at every start of the elimination rounds. That's because players will have to wait at least 20 seconds at the very start of the game before they appear.

This is basically a start for Ubisoft, allowing them to fix For Honor. This is something that the community has been asking for, though the studio tends to neglect. Well, at least, it's not the story now. To check the full patch notes, go here.

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