For Honor Data Miners' Curiosity Lead To Interesting Discovery

Data mining has become a part of the gaming industry, and such can be applied to Ubisoft's fighting-themed title For Honor. Miners -- thanks to their never-ending curiosity -- were able to discover some interesting stuff. What exactly are these? Well, they're basically the unreleased art of two upcoming characters -- namely, the Ninja and the Centurion. Not just that, though. A look at the mythic outfits and ornaments has also been acquired.

According to PVP Live, For Honor data miners were able to obtain these details (see video below) from the files of the game's latest update. Apparently, these new cosmetics are expected to arrive to the game on a regular basis. And if this is the case, then it's likely for the studio to introduce them in the next few weeks or so. It's worth noting that few of these have already arrived, but not all of them have found daylight within the game.

The most exciting part of this, though, are the supposed new characters. It should be noted, that they have somehow been leaked. However, their looks were nothing as close as to this discovery. There's no doubt that these heroes will become huge additions to the game. But like the aforementioned items, these characters have no official release date yet.

Reports suggest that each For Honor character is entitled to a mythic outfit (the ones hidden in the game files). Each of them come with very unique color combination as well as design patterns. Add to this the fact that they also have distinctive ornaments. But hey, players might have to worry a bit. That's because these outfits cost at least 30,000 Steel each. Nonetheless, players have to option to acquire them via bundles, which already come with cheaper cost per cosmetic set.

In related For Honor news, GameRanx reports that Ubisoft is set to release a new update for the game. This, in particular, is designed to fix a couple of bugs and performance issues. It's called update 1.05 and is expected to arrive anytime next week.

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