Persona 5 Guide To Make Unlimited Money 9999999 Yen In 2 Hours

There are many ways to make lots of money fast in the new hit JPRG Persona 5. From taking up part-time jobs to farming them off demons, earning money is an integral part of any game. For those who don't mind a bit of exploit, there is a way to earn unlimited money in the game. Here's a guide on how to earn 9999999 Yen within two Hours in Persona 5.

How To Earn 9999999 Yen In 2 Hours In Persona 5

This farming method in Persona 5 came from a video posted by YouTuber Madness Gaming. It is and unlimited money farm method that exploits the skill Confusion in the game. He explains that characters in the game will throw away money when they are inflicted with the status ailment Confusion in Persona 5. Luckily, this skill goes both ways and can be used against enemies in the game.

Some enemies though, after two or three rounds in confusion will retreat. In boss battles is where the Confusion farming method in Persona 5 becomes feasible because just as the main character can't escape boss battles, the bosses can't retreat either. According to him, to make this farming method work, there are only two requirements.

To do this Confusion method in Persona 5, the requirements are the skills Pulinpa, which increases the chance to inflict Confuse and Confuse Boost that automatically increases the success rate of inflicting it. Personas who can easily give players these spells, and are also below level 15, are Inugami, Onmoraki and Mandrake. However, in the video, Madness Gaming is using the Lvl 37 Shiki-Ouji but he says anyone can use any Persona they want.

How To Use Confuse Method In Persona 5

To use this method is to simply find a boss perfect for farming and keep casting Confuse but Madness Gaming shared a few tips to help the farming along. He said having a maxed out stat in luck will increase the probability of inflicting the skill in Persona 5. Players who want to do this method might also want to give their teammates low-level equipment because they wouldn't want to damage enemies too much. To see the method in action, watch the video below.

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