Top Questions We Want Answered In Destiny 2

Since the first trailer of Destiny 2 was released, players still have many burning questions they want answers to. Questions that are almost too many to count and they might stay unanswered until the release of the game later this year. Here's hoping that Bungie will answer these questions before then to quench the fans' Destiny 2 thirst; the top questions players need answers to.

Top Destiny 2 Questions Players Want Answers To

What is the Darkness? Players who watched the streams for Destiny 2 and followed the updates know about the Darkness. It's described as a powerful ancient enemy of the Traveler, followed them through the universe and nearly killed the Traveler. However, players have not encountered the Darkness who employs minions to do the dirty work. Also at some point in time, according to Arekkz Gaming, some people believe in a different version of Destiny's story, the Darkness is the players themselves.

Who is the mysterious Stranger? Every Destiny Guardians are tired of Bungie's excuse that there were simply not enough time to explain who is the Stranger and who was she talking to on her radio when players first met her? Hopefully, in Destiny 2, this question is finally answered.

Who are the Nine? The Nine are said to be rulers of the Jovians or the world beyond The Reef in Destiny 2. One known Nine is Xur and also referred to as "trash collector of the Nine." According to Brother Vance, the Nine are "vulnerable every moment they touch our world," which explains why Xur only comes on the weekend.

Will the Ahamkara return in Destiny 2? The Ahamkara are said to be dragons who fulfills wishes and they also appeared in the Solar System at the same time as the Traveler. They were hunted to extinction during the Great Ahamkara Hunt. However, it appears they are not fully dead as Guardians have reported experiencing strange hallucinations connected to their Ahamkara gear and there were sightings as far as Jupiter.

Destiny 2 Release Date Details

Destiny 2 will be on the PS4, Xbox One and PC on Sept. 8, 2017. The possibility of the distribution in PC via Steam is highly likely. Pre-ordering the game will be an early access to the beta but specific dates are yet to be disclosed.

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