Pokemon GO Eggstravaganza: Things To Consider Before The Event Ends

Pokémon GO Easter Event will hit the rock bottom anytime soon. However, before parting ways to the latest seasonal event of the game, players should make the most out of its bonuses until the clock hits zero. Every game event has its own unique bonuses and currently, Eggstravaganza focused mostly on Eggs. Furthermore, fans have also enjoyed the double XP bonus.

Apparently, there are few things to consider before the event officially ends. These things will help players take advantage of the current in-game rewards and bonuses. Based on the report, buying Lucky Eggs that suit the budget is one of these things to consider. Pokémon GO Easter Event made Lucky Eggs price dropped by half. Before the sale ends, players are suggested to buy at least one bundle of this item. Some said that purchasing a bundle of eight would be ideal unless the player is a round-the-clock type.

Players should not also forget to do Mass Evolution during the 4x XP event. With the double XP being implemented, activating the Lucky Egg would give players a total of 4x XP. Performing a Mass evolution during this time is great for earning a massive amount of XP and leveling up faster than usual. It is great for new players who desire to level up faster to catch high-level Pokémon.

Lastly, players must focus only on 2KM Eggs and incubate as much as possible. The event changes the contents of the Egg putting some more varieties and increasing the possibility of hatching a rarer Pokémon. Meanwhile, starter Pokémon are being transferred in the 5KM variant. It is suspected that they will remain there after the event. Fans are suggested to hunt for 2KM Eggs and hatch them during the event. This is to increase the chances of acquiring the other tiers of Pokémon, as Forbes reported.

Pokémon GO Easter Event is scheduled to end this coming April 20 at 1 PM EST.


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