Top Reasons Why Samsung Galaxy S8 Is Making A Big Deal

After the successful Galaxy S8 launch event, many reviewers who attended it put together all the top reasons why the new Samsung flagship is making a big deal. Next week, both Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus will arrive in the markets, as well as to the hands of the buyers who pre-ordered the smartphones. Before that happens, let's review first its key factors.

The Korean tech giant just revealed the new Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus while all the rest of the other major announcements have been completed over the past two months. According to Business Insider, Samsung's first flagship smartphone since the embarrassing Galaxy Note 7 failure will be available on April 21. Despite the difficult situations faced by the firm, the early impressions of the Galaxy S8 have been really amazing.


The Samsung Galaxy S8 marked as the highest rated display of all smartphones of 2017. The "Infinity Display" makes the device different from the rest of the Samsung products. It is also one of the best features that the firm may boast over the Apple iPhone 7.

Aside from that, it is also made from all glass and metal, with a smooth body that feels great in hand. Overall, the smartphone features a larger screen in a slender and tiny package. While the iPhone looks chunky by contrast.

Fast and Wireless Charging

Actual battery life testing is still in the process of the Galaxy S8, according to ZDNet. However, topping it off, the smartphone only takes a few minutes to charge via USB Type-C or a wireless dock. In comparison, it is a bit frustrating to charge up an iPhone 7 Plus, which answers why there is such a large market for a strike on battery packs.


There is a ton of implications in Samsung Bixby as it appears to enhance the efficiency and productivity of the user. Unfortunately, the voice of the assistant won't be ready for its first launch so we will only get a look at Bixby's service with a home screen panel similar to Google Now. However, with a dedicated button on the Samsung Galaxy S8, the tech giant is committed to making Bixby make regular tasks more convenient and intuitive.

As of now, it is clear that Samsung continues to push device technology forward while Apple is looking a bit outdated with the iPhone 7. Although, Apple is still offering a compelling experience as well. However, not all of Samsung's features and technologies are essential to the daily usage of all users.


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