Pokemon GO Update: Easter Event Not Doubling Candies, Legendaries Coming In July

By Alvin Elfwine , Apr 18, 2017 05:09 AM EDT

There has been much going on in Pokémon GO lately, especially with the arrival of a new event. The latter basically refers to the Eggstravaganza event, which gave fans some boosts on eggs and candies, among others. Apparently though, the event isn't doubling candies, which most players thought of. Meanwhile, the upcoming arrival of the Legendary creatures seems to point sometime in July.

According to Otakukart, Niantic never intended or mentioned about doubling the amount of candies Pokémon GO players can acquire. Rather, there are extra of these items being given. Nonetheless, the studio did iterate the term "double," but it was meant for the experience points (XP). Obviously, this isn't the same as the way things worked before in the past.

In previous Pokémon GO events, players were given a boost (twice) in accumulating both XPs and Candies. Take for instance the recently concluded Water Festival, which became an avenue for water-type creatures. The Pokémon GO Easter event now is on much different process. Regardless, it's still bringing so much excitement and thrill.

BGR, on the other hand, reports that Legendary creatures may finally be seen soon. That's because Niantic itself confirmed a forthcoming "huge" event set for this year's summer. The company even mentioned about why players should be looking forward to it. That they must do so, as the engineers are working hand-in-hand for the functions to be working once implemented.

It is worth noting that there have already been rumors about Legendary creatures arriving to Pokémon GO this year. Later on, this was confirmed by the studio, though no exact release date was revealed. Nonetheless, the company did mention about the Legendaries arriving in a form of an event or something. So, in a sense, this forthcoming July event could simply be it. Although there's no telling when exactly it'll be on that month, it's definitely worth looking forward to.

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