Here's For Honor Update 1.05 In A Nutshell

There is no doubt that For Honor is among the best fighting-themed games of recent memory. However, Ubisoft's delay in releasing updates or features has taken its toll. A huge chunk of players started quitting; clamoring the many issues they have with the studio. Still, this did not stop the video game company from releasing the promised updates and fixes.

The latest For Honor update is called update 1.05, which was just launched on the PC platform. According to GameZone, this will soon arrive on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4, though no exact date has been revealed yet. The said update brought massive changes on gears and mechanics, among others.

First off, For Honor update 1.05 fixed a good amount of bugs while bringing some balancing tweaks. The gears, in particular, have been changed efficiently. Players are now able to minimize the time available (and needed) so as to Guardbreak with the debuff stat. It is worth noting that in the previous version, the window tends to shrink whenever players use the gear with the Debuff Duration stat.

Ubisoft iterated that such mechanic was not intended in the first place in For Honor. So, in a way to fix it, the developers have updated the whole process. Now, it's expected to guarantee at least the 200ms Guardbreak Interrupt window. And take note: this is regardless of whichever gear.

PlayStationLifeStyle notes that For Honor update 1.05 also upgraded two maps -- namely, the High Fort and the River Fort. Thanks to the upgrades, the maps should now be working at the same level as intended. That these should work similarly with the other maps in the multiplayer rotation of the game.

The video game company also promised a brand new For Honor mode called Colorblind. Although no exact date has been announced, it is expected to hit the game come next month. Another update is also in the works, and it's update 1.06. Similar with 1.05, it will arrive first on the PC platform. Console users, on the other hand, will get it three weeks after.

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