LG Gram Is Thin, Light And Fast Like The Roadrunner But Fails Like Wile E. Coyote

The first thing people would notice upon getting their hands on an LG Gram notebook is that it is thin and light. Once used, one of the positive characteristics of the device is that it is fast. Thin, light and fast... kind of reminds you of the Roadrunner, doesn't it? Unfortunately, despite these qualities, the LG Gram ends up more like the bird's nemesis, Wily E. Coyote.

Let's start with the Roadrunner-like qualities. All six variants of the LG Gram are thin and lightweight. The 15.6-inch variant weighs just 2.4 pounds while the 13-inch one weighs 2.07 pounds and 15.24 mm thin. Aside from its portability, the high-end Gram with Intel Core i7-7500U processor and 16GB of RAM makes it perform faster as compared to other lightweight laptops. Another plus for the LG Gram is its long battery life. While LG did retract its original 15-hour battery life claim, the laptop still performed well. In fact, it was better than other Ultrabooks that Tech Radar has tested.

Now for the bad part. Like Wily E. Coyote, the LG Gram falls short. It is thin and light but also feels a bit flimsy. As Engadget noted, the notebook is made of carbon magnesium alloy but somehow fails to feel like one. Instead, it feels more like it is made of plastic. LG's efforts to make it featherweight somehow allowed air pockets to develop all over the laptop making it too flexible for its own good. Furthermore, the wobbly screen makes it annoying to use the touchscreen feature.

Audio is important because people like to listen to music and watch videos on their laptops. LG managed to screw this one up, as well. The company placed the speakers on each side of the LG Gram so they were easily covered when the device was placed on the lap or when the arms were on each side. Aside from that, the speakers are simply not good.

Perhaps the worst feature of the LG Gram is its weirdly placed webcam. LG, in its effort to lessen the bezels, relocated its 1.3 MP webcam right in the middle of the hinge. However, it now shows the user from an awkward angle with the chin being the first thing the other person would see.

For the final verdict, the LG Gram is not worth the price meant for high-end devices as it lacks so many of the qualities to actually be one. Like Wily E. Coyote's many antics, it looks promising but fails miserably.

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