'Dance Moms' Former Coach Abby Lee Miller Shares Her Deep Grudge Against The Junior Elites On Social Media

Abby Lee Miller might have missed her much-awaited "Dish the Dirt on 'Dance Moms'" event but she did not let go of the chance to slam her former students. The 50-year-old teacher recently took to social media to throw a brutal shade on the Junior Elites who abandoned her for another studio.

The former mentor on "Dance Moms" praised one of her teen ALDC dancers on her Instagram account, but she also took the opportunity to compare her to the junior Elites. She pointed out several admirable traits of her student Bridget Boos which fans can easily realize are all in contrast to her former dancers' attitude.

Abby Lee Miller especially mentioned the difference of being trained and merely taking up a dance class. She then wrote about Bridget's initiative to avoid skipping her class and heading to another dance studios to take lessons, which fans know very well is a shade thrown towards the Junior Elites.

It can be recalled that Abby Lee Miller holds a grudge against Jojo Siwa who, when she was still a part of "Dance Moms," was joining classes outside ALDC. Chloe Lukasiak is another member whom Miller probably hates since she fished the Junior Elites to the 8 Count Dance Academy.

It can be recalled that Chloe Lukasiak announced her comeback during the finale of "Dance Moms" season 7. She then started to compete again but with another studio. She went head to head against the Junior Elites in a competition after she joined the Murrieta Dance P. After some time, it was reported that Chloe joined another studio where she was finally reunited with her former team, the Junior Elites.

After Abby Lee Miller reportedly left her dancers for a few weeks, the Junior Elites announced their flee and listed with the 8 Count D.A. Miller was left with the Minis team whom she assisted for the last time during the March Fierce Nationals. After getting a better result than the Elites, Miller announced her resignation, which forced Lifetime to tap Cheryl Burke to take over the mentorship of the remaining "Dance Moms" cast.

Following this, the dance moms became undeniably delighted to be under the care of a new mentor. Abby Lee Miller kept mum about the dance moms rejoicing on her flee, but she seems done about her silence.

Miller had interviews after her resignation where she shared her real reason for leaving the show, mentioning only her rants against the producers. She then organized a tell-all event which was supposed to be held last April 14 if the court allowed Miller to travel to New Jersey. Since the program was canceled, Abby Lee Miller took some of her supposed revelations to social media instead. The ALDC coach is reportedly working on a new project where she is rumored to take her Minis dancers along with her.

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