'Dance Moms' Season 8 Canceled; Abby Lee Miller Takes Back Former Students With Kendall Vertes On ALDC?

Abby Lee Miller's upcoming fraud case sentencing might have placed "Dance Moms" in a blurry future but it seems that her flee is what ended the show. Rumored to be a now former Junior Elite member, Kendall Vertes reportedly quit the Lifetime show even before "Dance Moms" season 7B finishes. Her recent photo though where she sports an ALDC sweatshirt has gained countless speculations, much more when Miller re-shared the post on her account.

Although professional dancer Cheryl Burke has filled in the place that Abby Lee Miller left on "Dance Moms," it seems that her presence is not enough as the Lifetime show is allegedly canceled. Spoiler accounts claim that the show has only two more episodes to film before it takes its final bow.

Furthermore, one of the remaining dancers of "Dance Moms" has reportedly left her group and is now back home with her family. Kendall Vertes posted last week about her bonding with her sister as she is back to her hometown. Fans were then quick to speculate that she left her new group with Chloe Lukasiak an episode before the current season finishes. With her supposed flee, many are talking about the show's cancellation as it is slowly losing all of its cast from Miller to the Junior Elites to Gianna Martello and now Kendall.

While "Dance Moms" is seemingly coming to an end, Abby Lee Miller who is reportedly doing a new show and continuously providing lessons at ALDC embraces back Kendall Vertes. It can be recalled that the Junior Elites left the dance coach after being absent from filming for a couple of weeks. Kendall, Nia Sioux, Kalani Hilliker and Camryn Bridges along with their moms then joined Chloe Lukasiak on 8 Count D.A. while the Minis stayed with Abby Lee Miller on ALDC.

There was an obvious gap between the Elites and Abby Lee Miller since then, but it seems now that the ALDC coach has let go of her grudges as she is posting updates again about one of the former students. Kendall Vertes, while bonding with her family, posted a clip on Instagram where she sports a light pink ALDC sweatshirt. The update was then re-posted by Abby Lee Miller writing the same caption as Kendall's then commends her looks.

This re-sharing of post had a lot of fans wondering if the 14-year-old dancer is teasing her reunion with Abby Lee Miller and the Minis on ALDC. The two reality stars are not telling any more than hints of being okay with each other but some fans are hopeful to see the whole of "Dance Moms" team back again on the small screen.

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