‘Rick And Morty' Is Taking Over The Internet, McDonalds And Even GTA V

There is no question that “Rick and Morty” is one of the greatest TV anime series of all time. A few days ago, the show was targeted by some due to their infamous Szechuan sauce and their take on sensitive topics over the internet. Also, a MOD in GTA V was created solely for “Rick and Morty”.

‘Rick And Morty’ Szechuan Sauce Controversy

First of, “Rick and Morty” was somehow attacked by some activists due to their take on the Szechuan sauce. Fast Food giant McDonald’s was also a part of it but didn't hear any issues from them(so far). Apparently, some of the Asian community took the introduction of Szechuan sauce negatively. They posted numerous tweets about it and consider it as a low-key racism act by the show.

The producers of “Rick and Morty” haven’t commented on the issue yet but basing on their fan base, they are upset with how people take things into context. The show was just trying to make the angle interesting but didn’t do any harm nor created any racist acts as against any race. Currently, there is an ongoing twitter war between “Rick and Morty” fans and to those who opposes the Szechuan sauce. On the other hand, "Rick and Morty” also took over the internet when they were the most watched series online during the first week of April. According to the reports, their pilot episode for season 3 was the most shared video for almost 13 days.

‘Rick And Morty’ GTA V MOD

Lastly, “Rick and Morty” is also making its presence felt in the video game industry. Amidst the rumor of them having their own video game, GTA V created a MOD especially for “Rick And Morty”. Fans now have the chance to play the mad scientist which is Rick and see him obliterate everything in his path. Also, a spoiler was dished out for “Rick and Morty” Season 3 Episode 2 and it looks like he is going to get some payback.

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