Minecraft: Switch Edition Could Feature Wii U Transfers, Larger Worlds And More

Following the Minecraft live stream hosted by Microsoft and Mojang, it appears that the upcoming Minecraft: Switch Edition will offer tons of new exciting content to its fans. The upcoming Nintendo Switch version of the popular sandbox game has been causing much hype to the players since it enables them to play the game either on their home television or take the game with them on the go.

Previously, several concerns have been raised by the fans regarding how the game will run on the new Nintendo console. Thankfully, the current live stream answered those concerns. Attack of the Fanboy reported that the upcoming Minecraft: Switch Edition will be much better and bigger compared to the Wii U version. It was said that the game will now offer a larger world that players can create as they can run across worlds that are 13 times larger than before. However, it was noted that the maps are still a bit smaller than PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version. Thus, players on the console will not be too shocked at the changes.

On the other hand, there are other two big announcements regarding the Switch version of Minecraft aside from the larger maps. These announcements involve the framerate and what players can do about their Minecraft worlds on the Wii U. Minecraft on Nintendo Switch is reported to feature 60FPS, which allow players to have smooth gameplay that is familiar to the more modern console versions of the game. Meanwhile, the feature that enables players to transfer their worlds from Wii U to Switch will not be available at launch since the team is still currently working on it.

Overall, players who are looking to take the game on the go would be pleased to hear regarding the higher framerate. Though there is a mobile version of the game, it significantly lacks the features that have been offered in the console editions.

Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition will be available on Nintendo Switch starting May 11.


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