Pokemon GO Update: Summer Event Revealed, New Tool Developed

By Alvin Elfwine , Apr 20, 2017 05:00 AM EDT

Events have always been the fuel of Pokémon GO, as these are what kept players from quitting. Now, Niantic is set to release another major event this coming summer. Although nothing official has been revealed, many believe it's going to be a huge one. Meanwhile, the studio has finally found a way to fix one of the most common problems of the game - spoofing, that is.

As reported, the developers of Pokémon GO have hinted an upcoming, large-scale event in the coming months. During the aforementioned season, the studio is said to host another event. Apparently, the latter was confirmed by the company's very own Yoshiji Kawashima and Kenji Suka, the Asian General Manager and the Asian General Marketing Manager, respectively.

The two revealed the supposed Pokémon GO event during the K-Tai Watch. Apart from this, they also iterated that Niantic is working on brand new sets of in-game mechanics. These will be released before the said event arrives to the game.

Unfortunately though, no specific dates were mentioned by the Pokémon GO executives. Nonetheless, speculations suggest that this could probably be the highly anticipated release of the Legendary creatures. Kawashima said that this "huge event this summer" is something that's worth looking forward to, most especially with the developers working on "new functions."

Many Pokémon GO enthusiasts believe that among the mechanics Niantic is working on is the PvP mode and trading processes. There were even reports about co-op raids becoming a thing in the game soon. With summer being just a few months away, it is very likely for the studio to release more information about it in the next couple of months.

In related Pokémon GO news, BGR reports that the company has finally found a way to battle the infamous spoofing in the game. Spoofing refers to the utilization of either apps or any online tools that help players walk around the map of the game without actually moving. Reports say that Google, in one way or another, is helping the company battle this unacceptable method. While it is yet to be a surefire shot, it's already deemed as a huge step towards a solution.

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