‘Deadpool 2' Updates: Blind Al's Return Confirmed; Josh Brolin Gets Ready To Become Cable

20th Century Fox has finally greenlighted the awaited sequel to “Deadpool” and production is currently in the works. There have been plenty of buzz around the anticipated sequel and it has been revealed that some beloved characters will be returning. Meanwhile, Josh Brolin is already preparing for his role as Cable.

Blind Al Will Be Back In “Deadpool 2"

The casting for the upcoming “Deadpool” sequel is still in the works and amidst all the casting rumors, it has been confirmed that Leslie Uggams will be back for the second movie. Uggams will be reprising her role as Blind Al, who is Deadpool’s elderly roommate. Al and Deadpool’s relationship has always been a bizarre one, especially in the comics, and it'll be a treat to see the tandem on screen again.

Uggams said that the Blind Al in the movie is a feisty one that loves being part of Deadpool’s crazy and dangerous adventures. Aside from Uggams, Brianna Hildebrand will also reprise her role as Negasonic Teenage Warhead. Morena Baccarin, who portrayed Wade Wilson’s fiancé Vanessa, will also return and rumor has it that she will finally take on a superhero role.

Josh Brolin Gets Ready To Become Deadpool’s Partner

The “Deadpool” movie end credits scene revealed that the sequel will feature Cable and the production was true to its word. Cable was initially planned to appear in the first movie but it was decided that it would be better to introduce him in the sequel. Last week, it was officially announced that Josh Brolin will be portraying the role of Cable, who is also known as Nathan Summers.

Brolin recently posted on his social media account, revealing that he and the production crew are already set on making the tedious preparations for his Marvel superhero role. In the said post, he showed a grueling process of prosthetics for Cable. Brolin has reportedly signed up for four X-Men films and he will be making his debut in the untitled “Deadpool” sequel.

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