Expect Changes In Overwatch Competitive Play, Details Here

Blizzard has already addressed the ties happening in Overwatch's competitive matches before. The developer just wanted one percent capture to win the battles. However, it has observed that ties are still happening, which is why changes will soon be added in the game, yet again.

In order to break the tie, players need to have an advantage of 33 percent in competitive play. According to GameSpot, no one will be declared as a winner unless both teams managed to reach the said percentage of capture.

However, there will be considerations explained by Blizzard. If the first team gained 90 percent in offense while the other team has 40 percent only, the first team will be declared as a winner in the competitive matches.

Once Blizzard releases the new update for Overwatch's competitive play, big changes will happen. Scott Mercer, the game's principal designer, explained that the patch may not totally eliminate the occurrence of ties but it is a big help for both the developer and the players.

In addition, the 33 percent rule in Overwatch's competitive play may lessen the ties but it does not mean that winning will be easier. Blizzard raised the percentage just to test whether how much the players grow over time, as per Polygon.

Players might consider practicing their skills since winning in the matches will be harder than before. Blizzard also wants to see the progress of everyone who is participating in Overwatch's competitive play especially now that the one percent rule has been raised.

It is good to know that Blizzard is admitting that elimination of ties in Overwatch's ranked matches is a tough thing to do but at least the 33 percent rule will be able to tell who will win in a single match. Hopefully, the change will take effect and with positive results soon

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