Ark: Survival Evolved Devs Explain Delayed Console Easter Event

Like any other gamers, events are also what excite Ark: Survival Evolved players the most. From the promising rewards to countless bonuses these offer, there is no doubt one would love to experience the thrill. Unfortunately, Studio Wildcard did not see this coming. Or perhaps they did, but were too late to act. Nonetheless, the video game company has finally broken the silence regarding the late arrival of Easter event on consoles.

According to PlayStationLifeStyle, the studio's very own Lead Community Manager and Associate Producer, Jatheish Karunakaran, revealed via Twitter the reason behind the aforementioned delay. He explained that, in general, events are not something that they consider integral in the game. That they simply don't do such, though they see it as somewhat similar to giving bonuses.

The Ark: Survival Evolved Easter event was among the most talked about topics within the community. Alas, the day arrived but no shadow of it can be seen. Why? The answer is quite simple -- Studio Wildcard did not really prepare for it. They don't really intend to come up with the aforesaid event.

Karunakaran iterated that unlike any other video game companies, the studio is keener to work on significant things that relate to the game. That they simply do this rather than working on special in-game holiday-themed events. And this is exactly the case with Easter -- the studio is rather busy on finishing the developments of the game's core. Unfortunately, the fans did not like what they saw or experienced.

Interestingly, the Ark: Survival Evolved Lead Community Manager pointed out that a major update is coming to the game (particularly on the PlayStation 4 version). It's already scheduled for an April 24 release, with a good amount of massive changes coming. This includes another brand new concept for the game's inventory system UI. But there's catch, though -- an Easter event content is still to be expected. Well, better late than never.

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